Why AQF in your business

The fact

Most companies believe they can manage their documentation linked to the certifications through paper forms or Excel and Word. But eventually, the documents are piling up, will get lost and become difficult to manage.

The consequences:

  • The review of your documentation is not completed in time
  • The documentation expire without any action performed
  • The results of your internal controls are accumulating, and it is difficult to analyze them
  • The documentation is difficult to find during an audit

The solution

By implementing from the start AQF in your company will enable you to simply and optimally manage the various aspects of quality control.

AQF will eliminate unnecessary costs caused by loss of time in managing document , by preventing oversights and by reducing the risk of errors and defects, which is a huge cost when companies should pull products off their sales cycle.

By reducing the quality process, AQF will simplify obtaining and maintaining certifications and standards of your company.

The role played by AQF toward the actors of your production

AQF enables you to manage and share documentation, procedures and audits with just a few clicks. Data from your internal and external controls are transmitted in real time for optimum responsiveness !

For internal audit

  • Make your control forms and your procedures accessible
  • Manage the procedures versions
  • Achieve daily checks on touchscreen tablet, laptop
  • Assess your employees (procedures, training)
  • Identify non-compliances during inspections

For external (suppliers/producers)

  • Supplier assessment by detecting risks
  • Imposing deadlines for the provision of documentation
  • Classification of your suppliers depending on the degree of the risk
  • Sending automatic requests for documentation when the period of validity expires

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