Steps of an audit with AQF

We have discovered that most companies performed audits most often through exchanges of paper questionnaires or Excel forms. Documentation and data processing became too large, impossible to classify, difficult to use and information were lost.

AQF helps you to audit your internal resources as well as your suppliers through online questionnaires

With AQF, each information received from an employee or supplier is automatically analyzed, exploited and archived.

Creating questionnaire


Creating my questionnaire with an internal reference

  • I create my online questionnaire, assign weighting to my questions in order to automate the acceptance or conditional exclusion of my suppliers and/or employees.
  • I can set the parameters of my questionnaire. For example, I can set an end date for the audit.

Receipt of questionnaire


Receipt of questionnaires

  • My supplier and or employee complete the online questionnaire and adds the required documents and pictures.
  • I receive an e-mail alert when my questionnaires are validated by my employees or my supplier.

Status of the questionnaire


You receive the questionnaire

  • The status of the questionnaire tells me if the audited person has respected the indicated framework, but also if he has provided me all the required attachments.
  • If an information is missing or an answer does not match my repository, AQF alerts me and automatically notifies me of a non-compliance.

Automatic classification of data


The data are automatically sorted

  • My information is therefore classified automatically based on the audited.
  • I have the ability to generate automatic reports this way I have no data to process.

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