Management software of quality

What is AQF?

AQF is a management software of quality developed by professionals of the quality control. AQF is a total solution which makes it possible to eliminate the procedures paper and it helps you to easily carry out all the stages of the actions in quality assurance.
  • Internal control and supplier/Audits
  • Quality procedures
  • Non-compliances
  • Documentary management

AQF Software Modules

We offer a modular service to allow all companies to obtain a suitable product while avoiding unnecessary costs. Only the main module is mandatory for the installation of the additional modules. Our AQF module is not only complementary to its own modules. AQF module is also complementary to the software and/or ERP already used by your organization.


AQF Main Module

Create, manage and share your controls internally, your supplier's audits, your procedures and your documents.


Management and Access

Simplify procedures between users and assign specific rights to control outgoing information.


Advanced Notification

Automate the request for documentation in order to avoid oversights.



Record the various inadequacies following a supplier audit, employee monitoring, etc. Identify the defects of a product, packaging, warehouse and assign preventive and corrective actions to resolve the problems.



Specifically designed for Windows tablets, move into your plants and checkpoints and complete your various controls, even without a WiFi connection.



With Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, manage and control the temperature and humidity of your interconnected devices.

Normes et assurance qualité

Whatever your certifications, AQF meets the most stringent standards and adapts to your sector of activity!

Quality assurance is the foundation of your corporate identity, but it also gives you a cost savings that can be caused by a defective productivity (stoppage in production, product recall, etc.)

Competition increases dramatically in the marketplace today and therefore requires you to provide impeccable products quality to remain competitive and increase your existing distribution network.

Certifications are a great way to guarantee your distributors and your end customers, your best practices of safety procedures.

This objective quality requests from you a strict, constant monitoring and can mobilize a lot of energy. This is where AQF comes in to simplify all your operations.

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